Where’s the Bun? KFC Unleashes the Double Down “Sandwich”

It’s finally here (well, Monday). The KFC Double Down Sandwich is a near legend even before its arrival. Bloggers have been singing its praises, or chiding its audacity, for months. It’s been on CNN, on Fox. It’s been talked about over water coolers. It’s been tested in several markets, but come Monday, its at a KFC near you.

What’s all the fuss about? What does the Double Down have that any other sandwich doesn’t?

It’s not what it does have, it’s what it doesn’t have. It’s two slices of bacon, and two slices of cheese, between two pieces of fried chicken. No bun. No kidding.

I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to stuff my belly with fried chicken and a day’s worth of sodium, but if the buzz is any indication, I may be in the minority.

A marketing win for KFC.

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