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James-Emerson-Central-FloriHello and welcome to the online home to everything James Emerson.

Yes, you’ll find my resume here. Yes, you’ll find my portfolio here. And yes, you’ll find my photography here. But I hope you’ll find that the site will offer a little more. I hope it will become a go-to site you’ll visit when you need information on marketing. I hope it will become a site you’ll tell your friends about. I hope it will be a site you tweet about or link to from facebook. I hope it will be a site where you’ll comment on my posts and engage in dialog with me and other readers. Dialog that’s meaningful to marketing professionals. Dialog that’s meaningful to you.

Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll post about projects I’m working on. I’ll write about interesting things I’ve done in the past. I’ll gossip about restaurants. I’ll blog about brands. I’ll blab about interesting stuff I come across in the course of my job, and I’ll link to relevant information I come across on the web. I’ll offer advice and I’ll ask for advice. I’ll basically talk about my life. And just so you know, my life basically revolves around marketing. Oh, and restaurants.

So come on. Let’s go. Let’s get this thing started…

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