Top 10 most valuable brands in the world

How much is a brand worth? To me, a brand is priceless. But if you must put a price on it, about $68.7 billion. If your brand is Coca-Cola, that is. And yea, that’s a b, as in billions.

Interbrand, in their yearly rankings of the best global brands, ranked Coca-Cola the number one most valuable brand in 2009, with the average value of a top 10 brand at $42.3 billion. That’s a lot of money for a ephemeral, intangible, unbookable asset.

The Top 10 Most Valuable Brands for 2009*

  1. Coca-Cola:  $68.7 billion
  2. IBM:  $60.2 billion
  3. Microsoft:  $56.6 billion
  4. GE:  $47.7 billion
  5. Nokia:  $34.8 billion
  6. McDonalds:  $32.2 billion
  7. Google:  $31.9 billion
  8. Toyota:  $31.3 billion
  9. Intel:  $30.6 billion
  10. Disney:  $28.4 billion

*As ranked by Interbrand

The most valuable restaurant brand, according to Interbrand, was McDonalds. The McDonalds brand was valued at $32.2 billion. McDonalds can’t claim to be the world’s biggest restaurant chain any longer (in terms of units, it’s Subway with 32,401 units) but they certainly can claim the most valuable award, topping #2 KFC by $26.5 billion). Subway didn’t even make the list. The top 5 restaurant brands had an average value of $9.62 billion.

The Top 5 Most Valuable Restaurant Brands for 2009*

  1. McDonalds:  $32.2 billion  (6th overall)
  2. KFC:  $5.7 billion  (61st overall)
  3. Pizza Hut:  $3.8 billion  (79th overall)
  4. Starbucks:  $3.2 billion  (90th overall)
  5. Burger King:  $3.2 billion  (93rd overall)

*As ranked by Interbrand

A brand is more than just a name, or a logo, or a symbol. It encompasses all the goodwill and reputation earned by years of advertising and marketing.  It represents the experiences, evaluations, and determinations of quality, reliability, value, and trust by customers.  It becomes a metaphor for the company it represents. It can even become a symbol for an entire mythology (think Star Wars, think Starbucks).

In short, a brand is the company.

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