Restaurant Owners: Avoid the ingredient blacklist

I do a lot of marketing work for restaurants. They are always looking for the next hot thing to add to the menu. I can’t tell you how many low-carb promotions I worked on a few years ago when the Atkins and South Beach Diets were all the rage.

Restaurant owners want to know what one menu item or product they can add to the menu that will drive traffic to their restaurant. Lately, I’ve advised restaurants to eliminate items from the menu. Yes, eliminate.

It seems diners are purposely seeking out establishments and products promising no msg, no high fructose corn syrup, no hormones, no trans fat, no gluten, no nuts, and no parabens – whatever that is. It’s now more about what you don’t have on your menu than what you do.

The most dreaded item of all: anything made in China.

So when you’re looking to add a new menu item to drive traffic, think about eliminating an item first (or at least resourcing). Sometimes it’s all about what you don’t serve.

To read more about the ingredients on many consumers’ blacklist, check out this article from WalletPop.

If you need help promoting what you don’t offer, please contact James.

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