Website Design for All

The web. The web. The web. Everything, today, revolves around the web.

If you don’t have a website today, you might as well close shop. No one uses the phone book any more. No one likes junk mail. No one actually watches TV commercials. No one listens to the radio any more. Sorry, but this is 2013.

And even if you have a website, is it easily found? Does it have a design from 2004? Do you have a search engine optimization (seo) strategy? Do you have a social media plan? Are you blogging? Does your website have a call to action? Are you engaging your visitors? Are you converting visits to sales? And are you tracking your web traffic?

Stop worrying about what you’re doing wrong and get in touch with me today. I’ll build you a new website or update your old site — and I’ll work within your budget! Get in touch today.

Here are just a few of the many websites I’ve created over the years. I tried to chose a wide assortment of styles and budgets.

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