James Emerson PortfolioMy Portfolio: Every Piece is Important to Me

I’ve collected a large body of work over the years working as a marketing professional. I’ve tried to save as much of the work I’ve done as possible. Yes, most of it is on a portable hard drive at the bottom of a desk drawer, and some of it is tattered and stored in boxes in my garage, but looking back, every piece is important to me. Every piece was the result of hard work. And every piece is like a little work of art — to me, at least.

Today, it’s hard to save everything you do. A viral campaign on Twitter may be a huge success, but what do you save? Do you print out all the conversations you’ve had? Do you save tweets from others? Do you save Google search rankings? Do you save the meta data for a successful SEO program? Do you save HTML code? Do you save screen shots? I guess I’ll have to save everything.

I often marvel at all the new ways we’ve learned to communicate with our customers. Marketing is such an interesting field to be involved. It just never gets old.

You may be interested in viewing some of my print work, web work, product photography, commissioned photography or travel photography.

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