Hungry (or thirsty) for a new web site design?

Gator Vending is a family-owned-and-operated vending business serving Central Florida. For years they relied on a homemade website designed in Microsoft Publisher. While serving a purpose, the site needed a major overhaul with a new look, added functionality, including a contact us form, and the ability to update it regularly.

Never miss an opportunity

Tasked with the update, I created a simple site for Gator Vending with all the features they asked for and more. Now, with the ability to track traffic to the site, the company will know what grabs the interests of their clients and what they pass over. With the site optimized for search engines they are sure to have more and more traffic to track. And with the ability of anyone to fill out a simple form to contact Gator Vending, they should never miss another opportunity to gain a new customer.

The new site is everything they need, and nothing they don’t. Simplicity, easy of use, and quality rule web design.

Break time

For all your vending needs, visit and see how easy it is to add a vending service to your office, factory, warehouse, school or other facility. With everything from coffee to water to chips to candy bars to hamburgers to healthy snacks, you’ll never go hungry (or thirsty) again.

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