An inspirational new website:

I just designed, built, and launched for a client, a website offering Christians a source for daily devotions and prayer requests. I worked with the site’s owner to create a simple, easy to navigate site in calming, comforting hues of blue and featuring heavenly images of nature and the heavens collected by the owner.

Soul PsalmsThe owner has written 52 once-a-week devotional messages and prayers for anyone seeking guidance in a time of need, and will pray for anyone who submits a prayer request via the online form.

The site’s motto is “When you are sad, depressed, and need encouragement and a little prayer, Soul Psalms daily devotions are here to offer you comfort to soothe your soul.” Here’s hoping the Soul Psalms is a major success. We could all use a little encouragement.

For help with your new site, Contact James. I can help you design and launch a site for much less than you might think.

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