A PR win for Which ‘Wich

A man attempts to bite into a sandwich at a local unit of a restaurant chain. His jaw dislocates, and stays locked in an open position. He suffers severe pain. He’s rushed to the hospital for surgery.

A PR nightmare, right? A lawsuit follows, along with years of bad press? The chain suffers severely? A disaster?

Well, not in this case.

Amazingly, the story has generated excellent press for Which ‘Wich, a 105-location sandwich chain based in Dallas, Texas. The man with lockjaw decided not to sue, made light of his situation, and is working with the chain to promote the unlikely outcome via YouTube and other social media outlets.

Which ‘Wich is even thinking of renaming the double meat version of the sandwich from the “Wicked” to the “Lock-Jaw,” or some other variant.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. This has got to be the feel-good story of the year, and the best example of quality spin doctoring I’ve seen in a long while. Way to go Which ‘Wich.

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