A creative new website for a creative new preschool

I just designed a new website for Discovery Zone II Preschool, an Orlando-based child care and learning center. The new site, DiscoveryZoneIIPreschool.com replaces their older site with a freshened look, more information, and the ability to access event calendars, important information for parents, a virtual tour, and a contact page.

Discovery-Zone-II-Preschool (2)The owners wanted a clean, fun, simple design with an emphasis on photos of the school and children. Photos of the classrooms at the school were no problem, but photos of the children had to be sourced from stock photography. The challenge was to blend the two seamlessly so visitors assume it’s photos of the school’s students on the site. Take a look for yourself and see if I succeeded.

And by the way, if you’re looking for a day care center on the east side of town that emphasizes learning and creativity throughout the day, I highly recommend Discovery Zone II Preschool. The staff is wonderful and the facility is state-of-the-art. I’ve never seen a nicer school.

Do you need a website? Contact James today. You’ll be surprised how affordable an all-inclusive package can be!

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